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Best LED Container Port Lighting – A Buyer’s Guide


Container ports require 24-hour lighting due to the natural hazards of their location. Container ports are lit to protect them from salt water and exhaust fumes. Lighting needs to be selected to suit this environment.

The lighting in seaports is of high quality. As the economy grows, container port are playing an increasingly important role as transportation hubs. Seaports are an important node for the distribution of goods and passengers. Ensuring that all functions operate properly 24 hours a day and efficiently at night depends on the quality of the port lighting.

What are the applications of LED lights in container ports?

Good lighting is an important part of port security. There are port lights that can be used. Ensuring safe navigation, the ability to safely dock, unload and load cargo, and the ability to safely move cargo into and out of the port are some of the things that require lighting.


Why we need to use LED lights in container ports?

Saving energy and running cost

Lighting a harbor can be expensive. If you are concerned about energy and maintenance costs, you should switch to ProjectLights harbor lighting because it will save you money. When you’re not using it, turn off your electricity. These lights consume less energy and produce more light. They have fantastic lights that can be used to reduce energy consumption.

IP and IK rating requirement of container port lights

There is an international rating standard for intrusion protection. This rating indicates how well the luminaire is sealed against dust, water and humidity. Outdoor lighting requires at least IP65 luminaires. Lighting in seaports is more demanding and requires the use of better light sources.

The IK rating is the degree of protection against mechanical wear and tear and its degree of accidental impact as represented by the international rating. It is important to choose a luminaire with a high IK rating. IK ratings between IK07 and IK10 are ideal for high impact risk environments, with IK08/IK10 being recommended for container port lighting.

Improving container port environment for workers

safer-environment-for-port-terminal-workersAccurate analysis of the safety of everyone involved in the movement of people and vehicles is a need for port lighting. Ensuring high visibility is important for safe use of the environment and reducing the risk of accidents. The use of high visual comfort optics on our floodlights eliminates the risk of glare and high visual comfort.

Improving safety of the port

For the success of a lighting project for an industrial port, it is essential to choose LEDs with optical systems that guarantee perfect uniformity over the whole area. The number of floodlights required is reduced by the high energy efficiency of the lights. The perfect light distribution gives high visibility and makes it easier to see obstacles.

Handling bulk equipment can be a challenge for workers. ProjectLights container port lights will help improve port safety, employees will be safer and you won’t have to fear for your life.


Designated light color temperature for container port

Depending on the lighting requirement of the local government or end users, the majority of clients choose between 3000 and 5000K for their container port.

Anti-corrosion protection for the lighting fixtures

We will have to replace the lights after a short time if they are not resistant to the corrosive elements or if they are not resistant at all. You don’t need to worry about the harbor lights being corrosive.

Requirement of container port and seaport lights

The lighting at the seaport is high quality and powerful

The characteristics of wide adaptability and large operating range are what crane has. The power of general lamps needs at least 500W to meet the lighting requirements.

The container port lights should have long life span

It is necessary to install a long-life light model because if the light is mounted to the gantry crane, it will be difficult to maintain. ProjectLights’ LED lights have a life span of 100,000 hours, which is equivalent to 20 to 30 years. So you don’t need to worry about maintenance.

The lighting should be sturdy and safe to use in the seaport

There are a lot of goods at the port terminal. It’s important to equip safe and reliable lighting to ensure lighting safety and prevent fire accidents.

The container port lights should be sea-waterproof

Since the port is in a wet marine environment, the luminaire should be waterproof and dustproof. High protection level of lamps and lanterns can prevent water vapor from entering the lamps and lanterns, prevent the lamps and lanterns from being corroded and prolong the service life of the lamps and lanterns.

The lights are windproof

These lights should be able to tolerate strong winds due to the environmental concerns of ports and harbor terminals.

Container port metal halide replacement and lighting design


Safety and security in the port area is of the utmost importance. Metal halide lights can take a long time to turn on after they have been turned off or turned off. It is easier and safer to use LEDs to illuminate the harbor. They can be turned on and off at the same time. The safety of the harbor is greatly compromised as a result.

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Thanks to the lighting provided by ProjectLights, harbor areas can be illuminated with the right light intensity and the right level of uniformity. By applying the optimal combination of the right lens configuration and the right luminaire intensity, every port terrain can be illuminated.

Our lighting designers are highly skilled and experienced engineers who can use modern computer programs to design lighting plans for even the most complex containers. Performing maintenance on a 40 meter long mast is not a good idea.

The driver is almost always the cause of damage to the luminaire. It is easy to replace. If a driver fails, 1/3 of the light is retained all the time, which is why most modular masts have modular luminaires. This can be replaced if the service is appropriate. 2000W lighting can be replaced one for one with 500W lighting. Traditional 2000W luminaires use about 30% of the light source power when old. The savings with modern lighting would be 80%.

Advantages after replacing MH with LED port lights

Metal halide lights are still being used at many container ports. These lights don’t meet safety standards because they don’t have enough lighting levels or coverage. Container ships dock for only a few nights per week but the lights are on all the time.

With the installation of LED lighting systems, the port will have a secure environment. This has many benefits for the port. About 85% of the energy is used by them, which is very energy efficient. They maintain their original brightness throughout their life cycle.

Reduce operating cost of container port lights

The ProjectLights series uses 80% less energy than other lights. The high-end technology and patented design of these lights make them worth the extra cost. Some large ports could save $200,000 per year if they switched to our lights.

Our floodlights, 100 to 7000W, feature a patented optical design where each chip is equipped with a cut optical lens at different angles to maximize the use of each point source, and their luminous efficiency is 2 to 3 times higher than ordinary LEDs.

Glare-free and buzzing-free

Most conventional lighting technologies will flicker or buzz like harbor lights, but they have a long lifespan. there are no harmful components in LED harbor lights. The quality of the light is of the highest level. It can be tested in a variety of ways. Objects look like they are in the same place in daylight.

Comfortable viewing experience for marines

Efficient port lighting, protection of visual comfort, and reduced maintenance and management costs are some of the benefits of our LED floodlights. Perfect light distribution eliminates shadow areas and promotes safety in commercial ports. Lighting in large port areas must be designed to match the environment.

Ensuring adequate lighting on the docks has the potential to improve the safety and well-being of visitors, while also helping to prevent accidents on the docks and boat docks, as well as providing peace of mind that these areas can be used even at night.

By choosing ProjectLights LED lighting, it is possible to enhance the environment and improve visitors’ perception of the place. By using optical systems in street lighting, it is possible to prevent light pollution and ensure perfect uniformity.

Durable lighting

Outdoor harbor lighting is very demanding and should be waterproof. When using the ProjectLights series, a special anti-corrosion treatment is available to ensure a better user experience. Thanks to the patented design, the ProjectLights series has excellent wind resistance. Our engineers have taken into account the effects of strong winds on luminaires mounted high in the sky to ensure their safety and durability.

Better heat sink

Temperature is the biggest issue with container port lights. Heat can cause damage to chips. The patented cooling system with air convection design, thin and light cooling fins, and the largest cooling area on the market gives our lights a long life and ultra-low light decay values. When we compare the lifetime of different types of conventional lighting, it is the best performer. There are different lighting standards in different areas of the port.

Free lighting design


Lighting layout design can be provided by ProjectLights. You just need to give us more information about your port. If you can provide a drawing or picture of the port, we can provide you with the most suitable lighting design for free.

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