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Best Handball Court Lights – Lighting Design & Layout Guide

handball court lighting

Professional hand court lighting is needed for top events. If you’re interested in retrofitting, it is possible to save up to 90% of energy by replacing metal or high pressure sodium lamps with LEDs. There are requirements and standards for lighting handball courts, as well as the advantages of using LEDs in stadiums on this page.

handball court lighting designWe offer free lighting design for handball courts of various standards for various purposes. Our engineers know how to use DIALux to design the best handball court lighting solutions, as well as produce photometric analysis reports. We provide you with common misconception so that you can avoid them, as well as showing you how to place outdoor lighting. Good planning is a must if you are going to win a lighting project.

Best Lighting for Handball court

High speed, fierce competition, strong mobility and impact are some of the characteristics of handball. Good physical strength, technical skills and teamwork are all required for athletes. That’s why we need to equip our players with the best handball court lighting system.

Size of handball court

handball court dimensions

There are two goal areas and a playing area on the 40m long and 20m wide handball court, and there are two types of boundary lines: side lines and goal lines.

A standard handball court is 800 square meters in size. The official recommendation is that the lux requirement is 500 lux. We need 400,000 lm or 2,000 watt of lighting for the court. For 2000 lux or more, we may need up to 10,000 watts LED lighting for handball field.

Lux required for different types of handball court lighting

Level of competition Lux required
Recreational and training 300 to 500 lux
Professional or high school training 500 to 750 lux
Regional or high school competitions 750 to 1000 lux
National competitions 1000 to 2000 lux
Televised, international competitions 2000 to 2500 lux

The lighting requirement of handball court can be different. The standards for TV and non- TV relays are different. 300 lux level is needed for the handball court to be used for community purposes. 500 lux is the minimum requirement for a high school or professional training.

After selecting the power, we need to make the proper arrangements for the pole lighting outside. We have settings for 4-pole, 6-pole or 8-pole depending on the court design. Predicting the illumination level of the course can be done with lighting simulation. Predicting the lighting uniformity and lux level of a handicap course can be done with DIALux software.

brightness requirement of handball court lights

Lighting uniformity standard for handball courts

The illumination’s uniformity is an important factor. The lumen distribution on the playing field is reflected by this ratio. The minimum illuminance to the average illuminance is known as U1, while minimum to max illuminance is U2. The uniformity will be close to 1 if lux levels are close to a same value in the entire field. A lighting uniformity of 0.7 has become the standard for different types of sports fields.

Color temperature requirement for handball stadium

The temperature of the general color of the court must be at least 4000K. Cold white light of 5000K to 6000K is usually used to give better lighting for players and viewers.

Flicker-free lighting

flicker free sports lighting

There is a problem with flickering on the courts where international TV competition are held. The lighting design needs to make sure that the lighting doesn’t flicker. The spectator’s experience will be adversely affected if there is no change.

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The stadium looks unprofessional when there are flash lights in it. The stadium lights have high-speed video cameras in them. They don’t use strobes and are in line with international standards. Your chances of success are greatly increased if you take all of the factors into account. If you contact us, we can give you the best lighting advice.

How to achieve the best handball court lighting design?

The term photometric analysis is sometimes used in lighting design. Lighting design guides state that size, height, location, number of lamp poles, illuminance, and uniformity should be considered. Following these steps, the engineer plans the fixture.

1. Drawing the handball field

It is possible to create almost any type of playground with the help of the free lighting designer software, DIALux. Soccer fields, tennis fields, badminton fields, and handball fields are just some of the template fields. The lamp pole is drawn by the designer. The goal is to make the scene look like it. The result will be provided with a more accurate result.

2. Arranging the luminaires

handball stadium lighting layout

A lighting engineer mount the lamps on the poles. There are different combinations of power, lm output, and beam angle that produce different results. We are looking for the best design for the field lamps. We create unique designs on a case by case basis.

3. Generating the lighting simulation report

Then, the customer will get a report. There are several parts to this. The overall picture of the handball court’s brightness is given by the lux values contained in the value chart. A better view of the field with a false color rendering can be achieved by grouping the illuminance values into a single line.

Extra tips for handball court lights

The following common mistakes in lighting design can be avoided if you want to improve the quality of lighting reports.

Life span of the handball court lighting fixtures

Some electrical contractors don’t pay attention to lights’ useful life. It’s a good idea for sporting owners to have lighting that lasts more than 25 years. Maintenance costs tend to go up when there is frequent replacement. If the lights are on for eight hours a day, we have a life expectancy of over 100,000 hours.

Spill lighting in handball court

The stadium uses up to 20,000 watt lighting. Quality of life for nearby residents can be affected by poor control of micro-leakage. Road users are at risk of being blinded by glare and pedestrians are at risk of being killed by it. Our field lamps have anti-glare and precise optics to help solve this problem. Light that has a smaller beam angle can be used to focus the light.


Handball is a very attractive and fitness sport. It is very popular in Europe. Basketball and indoor soccer are similar in some ways. It is characterized by fast speed and intense competition. Excellent physical fitness, technical skills, and teamwork spirit are required of the players. This is why it is being developed on a global scale.

The maturity of the lighting for new construction and renovation is extremely important. High-quality stadium lights and suspended pendant lights are available from us. Replacing the handball court with light tinted lighting can reduce power consumption by 80% to 90% if high pressure sodium lamps are used. Higher quality lighting and longer life.

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